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How to Use Campaign Management

The following is an overview of how an organization might use Aptify's Campaign Management application:

  1. An organization identifies the need for a campaign.
  2. An organization defines the goals, price discounts, and target audiences for the campaign.
  3. A user creates a new Campaign record in Aptify. 
    • This includes defining which products are offered as part of the promotion and at what price.
    • See Setting up a Campaign for details.
  4. A user creates Tasks associated with the Campaign to track marketing activities.
  5. Marketing material and documents related to the Campaign are attached to the Campaign record.
  6. A user adds prospects to the Campaigns record. These prospects are the persons and companies to whom the campaign is targeted. Aptify supports multiple methods for adding Persons or Companies to a campaign. See Managing Campaigns and Prospects for details. These methods include:
    • Add to Campaign Wizard: Adds persons displayed in a Persons view as campaign prospects. See Adding Prospects Using a Wizard.
    • Campaign List Builder Wizard: A user creates Campaign Segments to identify the target audiences for a marketing effort. Then, a user runs the Campaign List Builder wizard to import the Persons identified by the various Campaign Segments into the Campaign Prospect List. See Adding Prospects from Campaign Segments.
    • Campaign Import Wizard: A user runs the Campaign Import wizard to import a list of Persons or Companies from an external file into Aptify. See Importing Prospects from an External File.
    • Users can also manually add Persons or Companies to the prospect list. See Adding Prospects Using the Service.
  7. Marketing literature is sent to the prospect list.
    • If using a prospect list created from Campaign Segments, the organization can send different messages to each Campaign Segment. A user can attach documents specific to a segment to a Campaign Segment record. See Adding Campaign Documents to a Segment.
  8. Prospects order products in response to the marketing campaign. When taking an order, the order entry clerk indicates the name of the Campaign on the Order form to automatically obtain the discounted pricing. See Applying a Campaign to an Order.
  9. A user updates the status of each person in the prospect list so reports can be run to track the success of the campaign. 
  10. Run reports to track a campaign's process and effectiveness.
    • Aptify includes several standard Crystal Reports for the Campaigns service. An organization can also create new reports as desired. See Using the Report Wizard for information on generating reports using the Report wizard.
    • A user can create filtered views, including charts, calendars, and pivot tables, to analyze the results of a marketing campaign. See Using the Viewing System for information on creating views.
    • The Campaigns service includes two calculated fields that provide information about the number and total dollar value of the orders linked to a campaign. See Tracking Campaign Process for details.

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