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About the Awards Nomination Form

The Awards Nomination record tracks information regarding award nominations. This includes who the person was nominated by, the date of the nomination, and the status of the nomination.

Awards Nomination Form

Attachments Tab

The Attachments tab lists any files relevant to the Awards Nomination record.

General Tab

Award Type (required)

The type of the award for which the individual is being nominated. This field links to the Award Types service.

Person Nominated (required)

The person being nominated for the award. This field links to the Persons service.

Nominated By (required)

The name of the person who made the nomination. If the person applies for the nomination for his or herself, the Nominated By and Person Nominated fields should be the same. This field links to the Persons service.

Nomination Date (required)

The date of the nomination.

Status (required)

The status of the pending nomination. The drop-down field's default values are Pending, Approved, and Rejected. See Defining Entity Fields for details on defining drop-down list values.


A user can enter any relevant information about the award nomination process in this field.

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