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Enabling Course Content Online

An organization specifies whether or not a course appears online and what information displays by configuring the Web tab on a Courses record. Follow these steps to configure a course so it is visible online:

  1. Open the Courses record from the Courses service.
  2. Confirm that the Course's Status is Available
    • Only information related to Available courses appears on an e-Business website.

  3. Click the Web tab.
  4. Select the Web Enabled option to allow information about this course to appear on an Aptify e-Business website.
  5. Enter the name for the course as it should appear on the website in the Web Name field.
  6. To display instructor information on the website for this course, leave the Show Instructor Info option selected. Otherwise, clear the option to hide information about the instructor.
  7. Enter a brief description of the course as it will display on-line in the Web Description field. 

    Course's Web Tab

  8. Click the Details sub-tab and enter detailed course information that can appear on the course specific Web page on the e-Business website.
  9. Save the Courses record.

See Viewing Course Information Online and Accessing the Instructor Center for information on the type of course information that can be viewed online.

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