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How to Use Education Management

This topic provides an overview of the general process for setting up and using the Aptify Education Management add-on application:

The topic describes the Education Management process that does not include integration with a Learning Management System (LMS). If integrating with an LMS like Aptify LMS, see Note Concerning the Aptify Learning Management System for more information.


  1. An organization identifies its education goals and defines course offerings and curriculums that when successfully completed can lead to certification.
  2. An education coordinator creates and defines Course Categories to group together available courses. 
    • A Course Categories record is a grouping of courses that ties together all courses within the same area of study under one course type.
    • To satisfy a curriculum, students can typically choose several courses from the same course category to satisfy the required number of units and not take all the courses in the category.
    • Course Categories can also have multiple sub-categories.
    • See Creating a Course Category for more information.

  3. An education coordinator creates a Courses record to track information associated with a particular course, such as the number of units applied toward certification upon successful completion, the list of qualified instructors, the list of schools qualified to offer the course, links to course lessons, and a product that corresponds to the course (for billing and registration purposes).
    • Each course can include one or more Course Parts that identify the lessons, labs, and quizzes that comprise a particular course. Course Parts can correspond to SCORM (Shareable Content Object Reference Model) or Tin Can 1.0 compliant content that is tracked by an LMS. See Note Concerning the Aptify Learning Management System for more information.
    • See Managing the Courses Service for more information.

  4. An education coordinator creates Curriculum Definitions to track curriculums that lead to a person attaining certification in a particular area of study.
    • Tied to each curriculum definition are different sets of courses and course categories required to achieve a certification or degree, and the schools participating in the curriculum.
    • See Managing the Curriculum Definition Service for more information.

  5. As applicable, a coordinator creates a Classes record for each particular instance when a course is offered.
  6. When a student enrolls in a particular curriculum, an education coordinator creates a Curriculum Applications record to track the student's progress towards certification.
  7. Students register for a class in their area of study.
  8. A coordinator or class instructor adds a class's relevant exams to the system, designing the exam and its questions as necessary.
    • An instructor can add all of the questions and possible answers to an Exams record. Note that a report writer can write a report that automatically generates an exam printout based on the information entered into an Exams record.
    • If the organization uses the Scantron Import wizard to automatically grade exams, an Exams record must have all of the questions and answers specified.
    • See Creating an Exam for details.

  9. The instructor gives the exam to the students in the class. After the students complete the exam, the instructor grades the results.
    • If manually grading the exam, an instructor creates an Answer Sheets record for each student to track his or her result. See Creating an Answer Sheet.
    • If automatically grading the exam, a coordinator or instructor runs the Scantron Import wizard to import the Scantron test results from a file. The wizard creates Answer Sheets records for each student and grades the exam.
    • An Answer Sheets record represents a specific student and exam. If using the Scantron Import wizard for automatic grading, the Answer Sheets record also contains each student's answers to the exam questions and totals the points or percentage points as well as the student's status (such as Passed or Failed).
    • See Using the Scantron Import Wizard for more information.

  10. When a class ends, a coordinator processes the class results and updates the student information as applicable. This includes:
    • Printing certificates for students who successfully complete a class using the Certificate Print wizard. See Using the Certificate Print Wizard for more information.
    • Updating the Status of the students' Class Registrations records.
    • Creating Certifications records to track the students' progress towards certification (and linking these Certifications to the corresponding Curriculum Applications).
    • For seminars, Aptify can also automatically generate certifications based on a student having attended the meeting.

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