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Installing the Aptify 5.5.1 Update

The following instructions provide a step-by-step guide for the installation of Aptify 5.5.1 to a system that already has installed the following version of Aptify:

  • Aptify 5.5

Your server must be running Aptify 5.5 prior to installing the Aptify 5.5.1 Service Pack. There is currently NO direct path to update from Aptify 5.0, 5.0 SP1, 5.0 SP2, or 5.0 SP3 to Aptify 5.5.1. Any system running these earlier versions will first be required to update to Aptify 5.5, prior to applying Aptify 5.5.1.

Important Pre-Installation Considerations

  • This installation can only be applied to a server running Aptify 5.5. If your server is running an earlier version, you must upgrade to Aptify 5.5 first before applying this version.
  • For best results, Aptify recommends that an organization install service packs, add-on applications, and new versions in the order in which they are released. For example, since Aptify e-Business 5.5 was released before Aptify 5.5.1, Aptify recommends that an organization using e-Business install e-Business 5.5 first before installing Aptify 5.5.1.
  • However, there may be cases where the above installation recommendation is not feasible (such as if an organization purchases e-Business 5.5 and the server is already running Aptify 5.5.1). For these situations, Aptify recommends that an organization install e-Business and then re-run the Aptify 5.5.1 installation to ensure that any updates to that add-on application that were included 5.5.1 are applied to the server. In situations like this, please contact Aptify Support for assistance.
  • If your organization uses the View Scheduling feature to schedule the execution of one or more views by an application server, see Removing Duplicate Windows Tasks for Scheduled Views for important information.

Important Post-Installation Considerations

  • Once the 5.5.1 install is complete, run the U.S. zip code update utility on your Aptify server. See Running the Update Utility for U.S. ZIP Codes.
  • Once the 5.5.1 install is complete, Aptify recommends that you consider enabling SQL Server snapshot isolation. Review the information in Enabling SQL Server Snapshot Isolation to determine whether enabling this function would improve your Aptify environment, and if needed,perform the steps to enable the function.

Installation Procedures

Perform the following procedures to install Aptify 5.5.1:

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