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About the Space Auto Links Form

This service stores information for auto-completion when typing '@' in a spaces thread entry. This web form was added for the web interface in Aptify 5.5.2.


Space Auto Links Record

Attachment Tab

The Attachments tab lists any files relevant to the Space Auto Links record. The tab becomes available when the record is initially saved.

General Tab


The name of the entity associated with this auto link. This field links to the Entities service.

Name Field

The field on the entity that should be displayed by the soft link that is created. A soft link is what is actually created in the HTML Text field.


If configured, identifies the filtering for this space auto link.


The rank of the entity within its Auto Link configuration. Lower ranks appear higher in the list.


The JavaScript method to us as a click handler when clicking the soft link. By default, clicking a soft link opens the record it links to. Populating the Handler field overrides this behavior.

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