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About the Favorites Form

This service stores the views and records that are accessible as links through a user's Favorites menu. These records are created automatically when a user added a record or view to their Favorites menu. This web form was added for the web interface in Aptify 5.5.2.


When Aptify Web 5.5.2 is installed, any existing view or record shortcuts are converted into favorites so that users can access them through the Aptify web interface. Any new views or records that are added to as a shortcut must also be added as a Favorite if a user wants them accessible in the Aptify web interface as well. 

Favorites Record

Attachments Tab

The Attachments tab lists any files relevant to the Favorites record. The tab becomes available when the record is initially saved.

General Tab


The name of the favorite as it appears in a user's Favorite list.


The type of favorite. The available options are Record, URL, Entity Browser, and Dashboard. This field links to the Favorite Types service.

Currently only the Record type is supported, all other values are reserved for future use.


The group in which this favorite belongs. This field links to the Favorite Groups service.

Entity Record

When Record is selected as the type, the ID of the record (either a single record or a view's record ID) in which the favorite is linked to.


This field is reserved for future use.


The user who owns this favorite. This fields links to the Users service.


The rank of the favorite within its favorite group. Lower ranks appear higher in the list.

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