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Updating Registrants

Once the status of the meeting is changed, it is common to want the status of the registrants to be updated as well. This functionality is provided by the Close Meeting wizard. The status of the registrant determines on which sub-tab of the Meetings tab on the Products record the registrant's record displays. For example, if the status of the registrant is set to Attended, the record displays on the Attendees tab, and so on.

  1. Click the Close Meeting button to launch the Close Meeting wizard. A list displays of the registrants for that meeting.

    Attendee Status Options
  2. The list of registrants may be filtered by making a choice of status types in the Filter list. If you want to view only the records of a single status type, select a filter option from the list. The viable choices are Register, Waiting, Cancelled, Attended, or No Show

    The records can now be updated individually or as a group, as described below.

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