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Creating a Meeting Registration

To create a meeting registration, an order needs to be created to purchase the meeting product. The order status needs to be set to Shipped To affect inventory for the meeting product and to add the person to the meeting's Registrant or Waiting List.

The following are the steps to create a Meeting Registration:

  1. Open a new record from the Orders service.

  2. Enter Ship To and Bill To information on the Customer tab.
    • This section provides only an overview of the order entry process. It is intended to focus on how ordering a meeting product differs from ordering a basic product. See Taking Order for complete information on how to specify customer information on an order.

  3. In the Lines area of the Orders Form, enter the meeting in the Find Product field.
  4. In the Quantity field, enter 1.
    • When ordering more than one space at the meeting, add a separate order line for each registrant. Create one order line with the meeting product for each registrant with a quantity of one.

  5. Click Add to add an order line to the order.
    • If a meeting is booked when a new order is placed, Aptify prompts the order taker that the meeting has no space available and the attendee is put on the wait list. Within the Order Lines record, Aptify automatically sets the attendee's Status to Waiting.

    • Note that a person on the Waiting List is not automatically moved to the Registrant list if a space opens up in the meeting. You need to re-assign the person manually or have your administrator set up business automation (such as using a Process Flow). See Managing Process Pipelines for details.

    • If you specified a product grouping in the Find Product field, Aptify automatically adds all of the meetings and sessions specified in that grouping as separate order lines.

    • If you specified a product that has related sessions, Aptify displays a dialog that allows the order taker to select all or some of the sessions linked to that meeting as separate order lines.

    Creation of Meeting Product Order Lines

  6. If you specified a product that has associated sessions, a dialog appears and the order taker can specify which sessions to add to the order by selecting the check box in the Select column of each session as desired. Click Add when finished. 

    • Use the Select All and Unselect All options at the bottom of the dialog to select or unselect all related sessions.
    • Note that clicking the ellipsis (...) icon in the Product column opens the selected session's Products record.
    • Selecting the "x" in the upper right-hand corner of the dialog, closes the dialog without adding related sessions to the order.
    • The dialog displays sub-sessions that are linked to other sessions using a hierarchical control. By default, the hierarchy is expanded.
    • Note that selecting a session does not automatically select its sub-sessions. You must select each session and sub-session individually. If you want to bundle a meeting together with one or more sessions so that the related sessions are automatically added to the order, you can create one or more Product Groupings of the meeting and its related session. See Adding Sessions to a Meeting Product for more information.

      Related Meeting Sessions Dialog
  7. Double-click in the gray area to the far left of a meeting order line to open its Order Lines record.
  8. Click the Meetings tab. 

    Meeting Order Lines Record
  9. Modify the meeting attendee specified in the Attendee field, if necessary.
    • On the General sub-tab, the Attendee field automatically populates with the Order's Ship To person.
      • If you add a meeting product to an order prior to completing the customer information fields and order settings, the Attendee field will not be automatically populated based on the updated order information. The meeting product must be removed and re-added or the Attendee field must be manually populated before the order will save successfully. To avoid the above scenario, Aptify recommends when taking a new order, that a user complete the customer information fields and order settings first. See Entering Customer and Order Information for complete information on how to specify customer information on an order.
      • This is where you specify the attendee for the meeting. If a single order is for multiple meeting registrations, create one line item for each registration and edit the Attendee field to show the name of the appropriate meeting registrant.

  10. Enter other attendee information such as badge details, travel arrangements, and hotel information.
    • The Status field displays the Attendees status: Registered, Waiting, Attended, Cancelled, or No Show. Aptify automatically populates this field based on an order's status and meeting availability but you can also override a person's status at any time from this screen if necessary.
    • The travel arrangement and hotel information fields are on the Travel sub-tab.

  11. Specify any additional information on the other tabs of the Order Lines form.
    • See Taking Orders for information on the Order Lines Form and the configuration options that are common to all products. This section only describes the configuration options that are specific to meetings.

  12. Click OK to save and close the Order Lines form.
  13. Continue processing the order as necessary.
  14. Save the order.
    • If a meeting's Meeting Conflict field is set to Conflict Warning, the system reviews the registrant's current meeting registrations to determine if he or she is already registered for another meeting at the same date and time. If so, Aptify displays a warning message. A user can override this setting to ignore the conflict and create the meeting registration by clicking the Yes button.
    • If a meeting's Meeting Conflict field is set to Conflict Prohibited, the system reviews the registrant's current meeting registrations to determine if he or she is already registered for another meeting at the same date and time. If so, Aptify displays a warning message. However, in this case, the user cannot override this setting to ignore the conflict. The order cannot be saved with the conflicting meeting registration.
    • See Using the Meeting Conflict Checker for more information on meeting conflict validation.

  15. Ship the order.
    • See Shipping and Back Orders for details.
    • Aptify automatically adds the meeting and sessions for which a person has registered to the Meetings tab in the Persons record.
    • The registrant is automatically added to the Registrants sub-tab on the meeting's Products record. A person who was added to the Wait List appears on the Wait List tab.

Meeting's Registrants

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