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Creating a Refund

If you cancelled a paid order by creating a cancellation order with a negative balance (in other words, a credit memo), follow these steps to generate a refund voucher payment to refund any money paid to the customer/member:

  1. Open the cancellation order that has a credit balance.
  2. Click the Accounting> Order Payments sub-tab and open a new Payments record.
  3. Click OK when prompted that the order currently has a credit balance.
    • By default, the Payment is for the total credit of the order. Modify the Payment Line if necessary.
  4. Click the Details tab and select the Payment Type for the refund (typically, Refund Voucher) and the type's required fields (that is, Check Number for a refund voucher).
  5. Place a check mark in the Refund box.

    Creating a Refund Payment
  6. Save and close the Payment.

For additional information about refunding shipping charges see:

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