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Entering and Fulfilling Standing Orders

Aptify Recommendation for Reference Transaction Renewal

Aptify highly recommends using Saved Payment Methods for all reference transactions used for recurring payments, including standing orders. See the Aptify 5.5.5 Release Notes for more details.

Aptify includes support for Standing Orders, which are open-ended requests to automatically generate orders based on an event, such as the availability of a new version of an existing product or a subscription's anniversary date. 

Standing orders are orders that an organization fills automatically, without the customer needing to request the product each time. For example, standing orders can handle products (such as a Standards document or a software application) that a customer buys with the -understanding that updates to the product will be delivered and billed automatically. Customers can place standing orders, agreeing to buy a new version of a certain product every time it is released. Your organization does not need to remind customer/members to purchase the updated product in this case. Simply fulfill the standing orders for that product when the new version becomes available. Also, in addition to creating standing orders based on new product versions, you can create frequency-based standing orders to automatically renew subscriptions or memberships without having to remind the customer/member to renew. Note that frequency-based standing orders are typically created automatically by Aptify (as described in Auto-Renewing Subscriptions) but a user can create a manual standing order, if necessary.

When you create a standing order, you include payment information that can be billed each time the standing order is fulfilled. Therefore, open-ended payment options, such as Purchase Orders and Credit Cards, can be used on a standing order, whereas one-time payment options, such as Pre-Paid Check or Refund Voucher, are not suitable payment types for a standing order.

This topic describes how to create and fulfill Standing Orders based on new version availability or a subscription's renewal date. It also includes a sub-topic on the overview of the Standing Order process.

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