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Marking a Subscription As Cancelled

Aptify strongly recommends that an organization cancel subscriptions by creating a cancellation order (as described in Canceling a Subscription or Membership Dues Order). However, under some limited set of circumstances, an organization may choose to mark a Subscriptions record as Cancelled. This would temporarily or permanently disable additional fulfillments. For example, an organization might choose to cancel a customer's subscription if a customer is unreachable and items are repeatedly returned as undeliverable by the post office.

If necessary, you can follow these steps to mark a subscription as canceled:

  1. Open the Subscriptions record.
  2. Change the Status to Cancelled.
    • Note that you cannot manually specify a status of Expired. This can only happen when all of a subscription's issues have been sent. or the subscription has been canceled via a cancellation order (as described in Canceling a Subscription or Dues Order).

  3. Click the Marketing tab.
    • When you change a subscription's status from Active to Cancelled, the Reason Cancelled field automatically updates from Not Cancelled to Other.

  4. Select a cancellation reason from the Reason Cancelled drop-down list.
  5. Enter additional information about this cancellation in the Cancel Comments field.
    Marking a -Subscription As Cancelled
  6. Click the Renewal Tab.
    • If canceling a subscription that has a corresponding Standing Order for auto-renewal purposes, click the Standing Order hyperlink to open the Standing Orders record that automatically renews this subscription.
    • Change the Standing Order's Status to Inactive to prevent future automatic fulfillments.

  7. Save and close the Subscriptions record.
    • This subscription is excluded from any future fulfillments that it would otherwise qualify for.

If the organization decides to reinstate this subscription at a later date, do the following:

  1. Open the record.
  2. Change the Status back to Active.
  3. Save and close the record.

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