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About the Key Performance Indicators Form

The Key Performance Indicators form contains the information about a KPI that would be selected to determine the Composite Engagement Score.

Key Performance Indicators Form


Attach any documents relevant to this KPI on the Attachments tab.



Description of this KPI.

KPI Formula

Identifies the KPI formula record associated with this KPI. Field name links to the record for the KPI formula selected.

KPI Unit Type

Identifies the type of KPI unit for this KPI. The field name links to the record for the KPI unit type selected.

Measurement Type

Identifies the type of KPI measurement. The valid values are:

  • Formula
  • Manual


 The Formula measurement type is applicable in the majority of cases.


Contains the name of the KPI. 


Select the status of this KOI. This is an informative field and does not have any effect on this KPI. The valid values are:

  • Active
  • Inactive
  • Planning

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