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About Calendar Views in the Web Interface

This topic describes the features of Calendar views that are supported in the Aptify web interface, and notes differences between the web interface and the Aptify Desktop client. See Using Calendar Views for more information about Calendar views.

Supported Functions

  • As of Version 5.5.2, you can create Calendar views. See the Using Views in the Web Interface for information about view creation support.
  • As of Version 5.5.2, the Aptify web calendar view toolbar includes many of the same set of options available in the corresponding Aptify Desktop client calendar view toolbar. However, not all options are implemented. Below is a list of the command buttons that are implemented in this version:

    • Properties: Select this option to view or modify the view’s configuration.
    • Day, Work Week, Week, or Month Views: Determines how the data is displayed (one day, work week, week or month). These options are supported in this release. You also select a particular day to start with similar to the Aptify Desktop.
    • Add to Favorites: Unique to the Aptify web interface, this option adds the view to the user’s Favorites list.
    • Refresh: The ability to refresh the view to the most current records is not available or support in this version. Closing and re-opening the view will refresh the view.


  • Users can open a new record by double-clicking within the calendar. 
  • Aptify web does not support the Multi-Month calendar mode.
  • Aptify web adds a new viewing method, Agenda, which shows a listing of the records defined for each day within a seven day period. If there are no records for a day, the day is not listed. Records cannot be opened from the Agenda view.
  • In Version 5.5.1 and up, users who do not have permissions to delete items from a Calendar view do not get a dialog and the item is not deleted as expected.

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