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Creating Commission Plans

The Commission Plans record requires start and end dates that reflect the time period that the commission plan is active. All Commission Agreement records that are tied to the plan are restricted to fall within the effective date range of the plan.

To create a Commission Plans record:

  1. Open a new Commission Plans record from the Commissions Plans service.
  2. Enter a name for a commission plan in the Name field.
  3. Enter a description about the commission plan.
  4. In the Organization field, specify the organization to which this commission plan applies.
    • Payees can have multiple agreements tied to a particular commission plan; one for each currency type supported by the plan. However, payments are generated in one currency (using currency spot rates to calculate the proper commission amount for the other currency types). The currency in which the commission payment is generated is based on the functional currency of the organization specified in this field. If an organization is not specified, the system's default currency will be used.

  5. Enter the coordinator for this particular Commission Plan in the Coordinator field.
  6. From the General tab, enter the type of transactions
  7. The Commission Plans record uses to group the commissions in the Commission Source field.
  8. In the Start Date and End Date fields, enter the dates that represent the time frame the Commission Plan is active.
  9. The following fields are required and are for informational purposes only:
    • Select a Type of plan: Commissions or Royalties.
    • Select a Status for the plan: Active or Inactive. The Status does not prevent a commission from being calculated if the plan is inactive.
    • Select the Scope for the plan: Departmental or Entire Company.

  10. The Adjustment Information section of the General tab identifies when and how unpaid sales are processed through the Commissions Payment wizard.
    • To reverse commissions on unpaid orders, select the Reverse Unpaid Sources option. In the Unpaid Days text box, enter the number of days that can elapse before the commission on the unpaid order is deducted from the sales representative's next commission payment. The date used to determine the adjustments is the date associated with the CommitDate in the SQL View of the Commission Source record. The default date associated with the CommitDate in the vwCom-missionSourceOrderLines view is the order ship date.

    • If the commission was reversed and the payment for the order is received after the allotted unpaid days, the commission may be repaid to the sales representative by selecting the Repay reversals if source is paid option. This option is only available if the Reverse Unpaid Source option is selected.

  11. Click Save to save the new record and activate the other sub-tabs on the record.

Reversal Payment Example

An order for $500.00 was taken but not paid and a $50.00 commission was paid to the sales representative on the order at the end of the month. Four months later (120 days), the order is still unpaid by the customer and the commission issued at the end of the fourth month subtracts the $50.00 commission that was originally paid on the order. During the fifth month the customer paid the $500.00 balance and at the end of the month the $50.00 commission was repaid to the sales representative. 

Commission Plans Record

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