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About the Commission Agreement Details Form

The Commission Agreement Details record contains information about a Commission Plan Item that is assigned to a Commission Agreement record. This record specifies the different achievement tiers for a specific commission plan item. The Commission Agreement Details record is accessible from the Commission Agreements record.

Commission Agreement Details Record

Top Panel

Commission Plan Item (Required)

The Commission Plan Item list field lets the user select the product that sales representatives sell in order to earn commissions under this commission agreement.

Comments Tab

The Comments tab contains any comments relevant to the record.

Commission Tiers Tab

The Commission Tiers tab contains information on the actual rates to be paid on sales of the commission plan item. Commission tiers can be added individually, or the user can select a Commission Rate Scales record and use the predefined tiers.

Rate Scale

Entering a Rate Scales record in the Rate Scale field applies the tiers defined on that Rate Scales record to the commission plan item. Note that when selecting a Rate Scales record, the Rate Scales record must be in the same currency as the Commission Agreement.

If a rate scales record is entered in this field, the commission tiers in that Commission Rate Scales record list automatically on the Commission Tiers tab. If a Rate Scales record provides the tiers, any or all of the individual tiers can still be overridden. To open a tier, double-click the row and the Commission Agreement Detail Tiers record displays. Note that each tier is expressed in the currency type of the Commission Agreement.

Calculate on Highest Tier Only

Commissions are often set up in tiers. As sales representatives sell more product, they can earn greater commissions. Commissions can be calculated two ways based on the same set of commission tiers. A commission can be calculated on a graduated rate scale or on the highest tier achieved.

  • To calculate commissions for this commission agreement detail using the highest tier achieved, select the option box.

The Highest Tier Achieved means that the commission is calculated by taking the total sales amount, finding the tier range the amount falls between and multiplying the total sales amount by the percentage for that tier.

  • To use a graduated rate scale, clear the option box.

A graduated commission means that the commission is calculated by breaking down the total sales amount by tier and applying the first tier rate or amount to the first tier. The next level of amounts apply to the next tier and so on. The totals from each tier level are added to calculate the total commission.


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