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Setting Up Advertising Rate Cards

The Advertising Rate Cards service is where prices for advertisements, both display and classified, are defined. The rate card consists of a single advertising publication product, the deadlines for each product issue belonging to the publication, and the various code combinations that are available for each product issue.

The Advertising Rate Cards service integrates various combinations of frequency, size, color scheme, and position codes to determine advertising rates for display advertisements and classified advertisements. The Advertising Rate Cards service allows the user to create numerous Rates records based on the combination of size, color, frequency, and position but does not allow the user to create multiple Rates records for the same combinations. The rate cards also contain the deadlines for each product issue.

Frequencies defined in the rate cards dictate what frequency options are available on the Advertising Contracts records. Only those frequencies listed in the Rates records are available in the frequency list on the Publications tab of the Advertising Contracts record. Rate Cards records must be connected to an advertising product before the product can be selected in an advertising contract.

Advertising Rate Cards are configured using the following procedures:

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