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Creating Advertising Rate Cards

Follow these steps to create a rate card:

  1. Open a new Advertising Rate Cards record from the Advertising Rate Cards service.
  2. Enter an advertising product to populate the Product field. The Product field on the Advertising Rate Cards record has a filter that only allows the user to select products from the product category named Advertising.
  3. If needed, modify the currency in which you want the rate card to be based in the Currency Type field.
  4. When opening a new Advertising Rate Cards record, the Currency Type field defaults to the system's default currency. You can modify the currency type as needed to create rate cards in a different currency. 
  5. Enter a description in the Description field that identifies the rate cards. It is important to enter a description because it is a way of identifying it when choosing a rate card for a Publications record on an advertising contract.
  6. In the General tab, enter start and end dates for the duration of the prices in this Advertising Rate Cards record.
  7. If you wish to give the agency a discount on any of the rates for this product issue, enter a number representing the percentage in the Agency Discount field. For example, if you wish to give a ten percent discount enter the number 10.
  8. This discount applies to insertion orders for contracts that have an Agency specified.
  9. To ensure that the Rate Cards record is ready for use in the module, make sure the Status field reads Active.
  10. Enter any additional information in the Comments field.

    Sample Advertising Rate Cards Record
  11. Save the record.

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