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Associating Advertising Option Products with Advertising Management

This topic describes how to associate an Advertising Option Product with the Advertising Management application:

  1. Open a new Advertising Options record from the Advertising Options service.
  2. In the Name field, enter a name for the advertising option.
  3. In the Product field, enter the name of the advertising option product.
  4. Select an Option Type of either Yes/No or Quantity.
    • Yes/No: adds a quantity of one to the insertion order for this option.
    • Quantity: allows the Quantity field to be modified when adding the option product to the insertion order.
  5. In the Entity field, enter the entity that is associated with the advertising option.
    This entity stores information about the specific advertising option. If the option does not require additional information, the Entity field can remain blank.

    If using blind boxes, enter Advertising Blind Boxes in this field.

    Sample Advertising Options Record


Note Concerning Adding the Blind Box Product to the Advertising Options

An example of an advertising option with additional information is the blind box option. When a blind box option product is purchased on an insertion order, the customer needs to provide additional contact information that is stored in a record in the Advertising Blind Boxes entity. To associate the blind box product with the advertising module:

  • Enter the name of the blind box product record in the Product field,
  • Select Yes/No as the Option Type,
  • Enter the Advertising Blind Boxes entity name in the Entity field.

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