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Specifying Category Level Pricing

If all of the Products that will be added to this category should have the same pricing behavior, an organization can specify a pricing object at the category level. This pricing object is then inherited by any new product created under this category. Also, new subcategories of this category inherit this pricing object information as well.

See Specifying a Pricing Object for information on creating and using Pricing Objects.

Follow these steps to specify a pricing object at the category level:

  1. Select the Pricing tab on the Product Categories record.
  2. Enter the object's location in the Aptify Object Repository in the Pricing Object field.
  3. Enter the object's class in the Pricing Class field.
  4. Enter the object's assembly name in the Pricing Assembly field.
  5. Save the Product Categories record.

    The Pricing fields allow the client-specific pricing information entered at the product category level to flow down to the product level based on the associated product category. At the category level, the pricing object does not have any functionality other than storing the data necessary to pass it down to the product level.

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