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Fulfilling Standing Orders

When a new product version becomes available or when a subscription renewal date has been reached, a user can fulfill a standing order to automatically create an order.
Aptify provides two methods to fulfill standing orders:

  • The Fulfill Now button on a Standing Orders record: This operation fulfills only the current record.
  • The Standing Order Fulfillment wizard: This wizard can fulfill multiple standing orders in one process.

Note that before fulfilling a standing order, certain requirements must be met:

  • If the standing order is based on product version, a new version of the product associated with the Standing Orders should exist within the system.
  • If the standing order is based on frequency, the standing order should have Schedule record dated today or earlier.
  • If the standing order is being paid for with a purchase order, the Bill To party must have a Credit Status of "Approved" and have enough credit available to pay for the standing order (if Aptify is configured to perform credit checks — see Understanding Order Credit for details).
  • If the standing order is being paid for with a credit card, any fulfillments must occur before the card's expiration date. Otherwise, the payment information will need to be updated before the standing order can be successfully fulfilled.

Refer to one of the topics below for information on how to fulfill a standing order:

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