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Manually Fulfilling a Standing Order

Follow these steps to fulfill a single standing order manually:

  1. Open the Standing Orders record.
  2. Click the Fulfill Now button located on the General tab.

    Fulfill Now Button
  3. Click OK to begin the fulfillment process.

    Confirm Fulfillment
  4. The system displays a message box after the system completes the fulfillment process. If the standing order qualified for fulfillment and the system generated an order, click Yes to view the new order.
    • If the record does not currently qualify for fulfillment, click OK to complete the fulfillment process and return to the Standing Orders record. Note that an inactive or expired standing order cannot be fulfilled.
  5. Review the order generated by the system and modify it, if necessary.
  6. If the order does not require a physical shipment, ship the order. If the order requires a physical shipment, it should be marked as shipped at a later time after the shipment has been sent out.
  7. Save and close the order.

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