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Manually Processing Cash Receipts

The manual processing of cash receipts is performed by creating a new Cash Control Batches record, and manually entering the cash receipts and their corresponding Payments records. Once the total receipts and applied payments are equal, the cash control batch may be marked as approved. Once approved, the Cash Control Batches record is considered locked and can no longer be edited.

Follow these steps to create a cash control batch:

  1. Open a new record from the Cash Control Batches service.
    • The Cash Control Batches service is located in the Accounting application.
    • Today's date automatically populates the Date Entered field.
  2. In the Deposit Date field, enter the date on which the funds were deposited into the organization's bank account.
  3. In the Entered By field, enter your name .
    • This field links to the Employees service.
  4. Enter a cash receipt on the Cash tab, following these steps:
    1. Enter the customer's name in the Customer field.
    2. Enter the amount of the cash receipt in the Amount field.
    3. Enter the payment type of the cash receipt in the Type field.
      • This field links to the Payment Types service.
      • Typically, the payment type is Pre-paid Check or cash. But depending on your -organization's policies, it could also be a credit card (for example, if a customer/member returned an order form with credit card information completed).

        Add New Cash Receipt
    4. Click the Add button to add the entry to the receipt list.

      Receipt Added to List

      The Order ID, Payment ID, and Status columns displayed in the Cash Receipt list are not applicable to a manual cash control batch (these fields are used with the Lock Box functionality).

    5. If you want to track the check number of the cash receipt or add more information, double-click the cash receipt in the list to open the Cash Detail record.
      1. Enter the Check Number in the field provided.
      2. Click the Comments tab and enter any additional information.
      3. Click OK to close the form.
        • Note that the Lock Box Information section of the form is not applicable to a manual cash control batch (these fields are used with the Lock Box functionality).

          Cash Detail Record
  5. Add additional cash receipts, as needed.
    • Click OK and New in the previous step to save the current sub-type record and open a new Cash Details record in one step.
    • As you add cash receipts to the record, the system automatically updates the Cash Total field to equal the sum of the individual cash receipts, as shown in the figure below.

      Cash Total Field
  6. Click the Comments tab and specify any additional information about this Cash Control Batch.
  7. Save the Cash Control Batches record.
  8. Associate the cash receipts in the Cash Control Batch with Payments records in Aptify.
    • Generally, each cash receipt has a corresponding Payments record in Aptify that is applied to an Orders record.
    • You do not associate a particular receipt with a Payments record directly. Instead, you associate a Payments record with a Cash Control Batch.
    • As payments are associated with the Cash Control Batch, they appears on the Payments Posted tab, and the value of the Payment Total field increases, as illustrated in the figure below. (Note that you may need to close and reopen the Cash Control Batches record to see the updated Payment Total.)

      Posted Payments

    • A Cash Control Batch can be approved once the Payment Total equals the Cash Total.
    • Follow one of these steps to associate a payment with a Cash Control Batch:
      • If a payment already exists that corresponds to this cash receipt, open that Payments record and click the Details tab. Then enter the ID of the Cash Control Batches record in Cash Control Batch field. Save and close the Payments record.

        Payments Record's Details Tab
      • If the payment does not yet exist that corresponds to the cash receipt but the order does exist (for example, the customer provided a Purchase Order for future payment at the time the order was taken), create a new Payments record and specify the appropriate Cash Control Batch in the field on the Details tab. See Recording Payments Using the Payments Service for information on creating new Payments records. Note that if you open a new payment from the Cash Control Batches record's Payments Posted tab, the system will pre-populate the Cash Control Batch field on the new payment for you.
      • If an order and payment corresponding to the cash receipt does not yet exist in the system (for example, if the customer sent in a completed mail order form with payment), create a new order for the customer and specify the appropriate initial payment information. See Specifying an Initial Payment for details.

        You cannot change a payment's Cash Control Batch ID once that cash control batch is approved. Once the batch is approved, the Cash Control Batch field on corresponding Payments records becomes read-only.

  9. Approve the Cash Control Batch once the Payment Total equals the Cash Total.
    1. Click the Approve button.

       Approve the Cash Control Batch
    2. Click OK when prompted to confirm the approval request. 
    3. The system automatically performs the following actions:
      • It inserts the current date and time in the Date Approved field.
      • It replaces the Approve button with a De-Approve button.
      • It inserts your name in the Approved By field (this links to your Employees record).
      • It locks down the Cash tab to prevent any further modifications to the cash receipts information.
      • It prevents any additional payments from being associated with this Cash Control Batches record.
      • It prevents any modification to the payment information in the Payments records associated with the Cash Control Batch.

        Approved Cash Control Batch
  10. If you need to modify the Cash Control Batch after it has been approved, follow these steps:
    1. Click the De-Approve button.
      • The system clears the Date Approved and Approved By fields and re-enables the Cash tab.
    2. Modify the Cash Control Batch as necessary.
    3. When finished, click the Approve button again to re-approve the Cash Control Batch.

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