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Specifying an Initial Payment

You cannot save an order without specifying initial payment information. The Bill To party can pay for an order using any of the available Payment Types (see Managing Payment Types for details). The Bill To party's payment amount must cover the entire balance of the order, unless the Bill To party has available credit. (Available credit is only required if Aptify is configured to perform credit checks — see Understanding Order Credit for details.)

If a Bill To Company is specified, then the company is the Bill To party, if not, then the Bill To person is the Bill To party.

If a Bill To party has available credit, then a user can specify a Purchase Order payment type or specify an initial payment amount that is less than the order balance.
This topic provides instructions for specifying the initial payment under five sub-scenarios. It also explains how the system reviews a Bill To party's available credit for orders not paid in full, and it describes how to record a Payment Schedule.

The sub-topics under this topic assume that you have already opened a new order, have entered the customer information, and have added one or more order lines. See Entering Customer and Order Information and Specifying an Initial Payment for details.

An order's initial payment information is only applicable when saving a new order for the first time. The Order Entry system uses this information to automatically create a new Payments record (for all Payment Types except Purchase Order). After the initial save, the initial payment fields (found on the Customer tab under the Summary section) become read-only, and cannot be modified.

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