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About Integration with Accounting Systems

Aptify uses a Batch process to transfers GL entries generated for orders, payments, and scheduled transactions to an organization's accounting system (such as Microsoft Great Plains). The GL batch is designed to aggregate, or sum, the individual entries in multiple orders, payments or scheduled transactions by GL account number and currency type. Batches can aggregate any number of orders, payments or scheduled transactions (note that the system supports only one record type per batch).

Once records have been batched to the general ledger, Aptify does not allow changes to the records included in the batch. This ensures integrity between the data in the accounting system and in Aptify. Each record indicates that it has been batched, and once batched, a user can no longer modify the record in any way that would affect the financial transactions in the corresponding batch. See Batching Orders, Payments, and Scheduled Transactions for information on the batching process.

Aptify also integrates with an organization's accounting system to process refund disbursements. See How Aptify Integrates with an Accounts Payable System for details.

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