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About the Commission Payment Source Details Form

The Commission Source sub-tab on the Details tab of the Commission Payments record, shows a portion of the information listed in the Commission Payment Source Details record. The entire record is only accessible from the Source Details sub-tab by selecting a record's Details cell. The record displayed is not editable, as all the fields are locked to prevent the user from making any changes.

Commission Payment Source Details Record

General Tab

Commission Payment

Contains the name of the commission payment as designated by the Commission Payment wizard.

Source Entity Name

Identifies the business transaction entity the commission calculates.

Source ID

The Source ID field contains the record number of the business transaction. For example, if the Source Entity field indicates that Orders is the source entity, then the Source ID field would contain the Order ID number.


Lists the name of the product for which the commission payment is derived.

Source Trigger

Lists the source trigger used for the commission.

Source Trigger Date

Lists the date the source trigger used to filter the business transactions to calculate the commissions.

Commission Period

The Commission Period is the date or time period the commission payment covers.

Base Information

Commission Base

The Commission Base is the total amount the commission payment wizard used to calculate the commission.

Split Percent

The percentage of the sales representatives split of the commissions.

Base Formula Name

Name of the Commission Base Formula record used to calculate this commission.

Base Formula

The Base Formula field displays the actual formula used to calculate the commission on each order line.

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