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About the Commission Rate Scales Form

The Commission Rate Scales records contain the commission tiers, which are the different amount ranges used for determining commissions.

Commission Rate Scales Record

Top Panel

Name (Required)

The Name field on a Rate Scales record names the Rate Scale.

Commission Plan (Required)

The Commission Plan field associates the rate scale with a specific Commission Plan.

Currency Type (Required)

The Currency Type field indicates the currency for which the tiers in this rate scale are based. This field links to the Currency Types service.

Attachments Tab

The Attachments tab lists any files relevant to the Commission Rate Scales record.

Comments Tab

The Comments tab contains any comments relevant to the Commission Rate Scales record.

Commission Tiers Tab

The Commission Tiers tab lists all the tiers in the rate scale, their dollar ranges and the commission rate for each dollar range. Tier records are set up from this tab.


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