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About the Commission Plan Items Form

Commission Plan Items records identify the product or product category and the commission base formula used in the specific commission plan. Each product or product category requires its own Commission Plan Items record in a Commission Plans record.

Commission Plan Items Record

Commission Plan (Required)

The Commission Plan field contains the name of the commission plan.

Name (Required)

The commission plan item Name field is generally something that describes the product.

Product/Category Information

Type (Required)

In the Type field, options in the drop-down list include Product or Product Category. Selecting Product Category allows for commissions to be calculated on all products in the category under the commission plan.

Product/Product Category

The Product/Product Category field contains the name of the specific product or product category. The name of the field is dependent upon the data entered in the Type field above. To enter the product name or product category name, enter the Product ID number or Product Category ID number, if known, and tab away from the field, or use the Find feature to locate and select the desired product or product category.

Apply to Sub Categories

The Apply to Sub Categories check box becomes available if Product Category is in the Type field. Selecting this item allows for commissions to be calculated on all sub-categories of a product category.

Base Calculation Specifications

Base Formula (Required)

The Base Formula field contains the base formula used to calculate commission bases for the defined product or product category under the commission plan.

Commission Period (Required)

Select a Commission Period from the following time period options: Monthly, Weekly, Per Order, Quarterly, Semi-Monthly, Bi-Weekly, or Annually. The Commission Period determines what time period to filter orders for calculating commissions.

Last Week Ending Date

For Weekly and Bi-Weekly commission periods, the date ending the previous week or bi-week period must be entered in the Last Week Ending Date field.


The user may enter any comments relevant to the commission plan item in the Comments field.

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