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About the Commission Sources Form

Commission Sources are setup and defined during the installation of the Commission module.

Commission Sources Record

Top Panel

Name (Required)

The Name field contains the name that appears when the Commission Source field is displayed in the Commissions module. Generally, the name is closely related to the source it represents. For instance, use Orders to represent regular order records.


A description of the commission source.

Attachments Tab

The Attachments tab lists any files relevant to the Commission Sources record.

General Tab

Source Entity (Required)

The Source Entity is generally an entity that contains business transactions.

Source SQL View (Required)

The Source SQL View is a Database Object record that contains a query to the source transactions for computing commissions. The Source SQL View field identifies the fields that group records, the lowest level of detail and the valid aggregate fields.

For example, the OrderLines source joins the vwOrderDetails, vwOrders and vwProducts views. The grouping fields are SalesRepID, ProductID and the calculated Commission Period. As a result, the lowest level of detail is the OrderLines records. Therefore, aggregate functions can be used in the vwProducts or vwOrderDetails view. Aggregates on the vwOrders view alone will produce erroneous results.

For additional information on the SQL View, see Sample Commissions SQL Views Code


Specifies if this commission source is active.

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