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Understanding Views for Developers

Views are a very powerful component of the overall Aptify system. They are organized displays of data that represent subsets of the records contained in an entity. A user defines filters which constrain the data in the view, and once created, views are saved within each user's profile to be used again by simply selecting the view. Views are similar to reports, in that they display a subset of data, but unlike reports, views provide a central way of navigating through the system allowing users to work with the data.

Aptify supports the following view types:

  • List views: Displays record data in a tabular format.
  • Calendar views: Displays record data on a calendar based on a record's start date/time and end date/time.
  • Chart Views: Displays record data in a graph or chart, such as in a column chart or pie chart.
  • Pivot Table: Displays record data in a pivot table format in the Aptify Desktop client.
  • Pivot Grid: Displays record data in a pivot grid format in the Aptify web interface (as of Aptify 5.5.4).
  • Map Views: Plots address data from records in a map.
  • Gantt Views: Displays resource allocations in a Gantt chart.

See Using the Viewing System for detailed information on how to create views of all types and on each view's configuration options.

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