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Creating Client-Specific Crystal Reports in Aptify

To meet your organization's reporting requirements, Aptify seamlessly integrates with the reporting features of Crystal Reports. Crystal Reports is the leading enterprise database reporting tool from Business Objects SA (http://www.businessobjects.com).

Aptify uses Crystal Reports to generate a wide variety of graphical reports, including membership rosters, order analysis, and Accounts Receivable summaries.

Aptify distributes the run time libraries from Crystal Reports so that end users can run reports directly from the Aptify client application. However, report writers need a license for a full version of Crystal Reports to create and edit reports. Organizations can obtain licensed copies of Crystal Reports directly from Business Objects or one of its resellers.

Keep in mind the following compatibility information when purchasing Crystal Reports licenses for your report writers and/or developers:

  • Aptify 5.5 uses Crystal Reports 2008 with backwards compatibility to Crystal Reports 9.
  • Note that clients using Crystal Reports XI must use Crystal Reports XI R2, which is also known as Crystal Reports 11.5. Aptify is not compatible with Crystal Reports XI (11). Crystal Reports XI R2 is a free upgrade to Crystal Reports XI and is available for download on the Business Objects Web site.
  • Alternatively, you can use the version of Crystal Reports included with Visual Studio. The images in this section are from the Crystal Reports version included with Visual Studio.


This topic provides information on how to integrate Crystal Reports into Aptify. It includes the following sections:

The Motor Loaner System also contains a sample Crystal Report, called the Vehicle Rental History report, which is used in the illustrations throughout this section. This report displays a list of vehicles, including their current status (Available, Rented, Servicing) and current mileage, along with information from their associated Rental Agreements records to display a complete rental history for each vehicle.

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