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Understanding Pricing Methods

For each product, an organization can choose one of three pricing methods, which are described below in order of sophistication:

About the Pricing Matrix Pricing Method

Standard users can create a Pricing Matrix from the Prices tab of a Products record. By creating a Prices record for each business scenario (such as a price for Members, a price for Non-Members, and an Early Bird price for Members who order by a specific date), Aptify automatically applies the correct price based upon the information in the order. An organization can specify a price based on any order criteria, such as a date range, the person's or company's membership type, and the order quantity. In addition, an organization can define more complex criteria within a Prices record using a Price Rule or Filter Rules.

See Adding a Price to a Product for instructions on how to add a Prices record to a product.

See Creating a Product Pricing Matrix for sample pricing matrices comprised of multiple Prices records. 

Price Behavior for Products Purchased With a Membership: Aptify gives organizations the ability to specify whether or not member pricing should be given for products that are purchased together with a membership product. See About Orders Entity Attributes for more information about configuring the membership behavior pricing with the CheckOrderLineforMembership attribute.

About the Price Rule Pricing Method

A price rule can define a product price for a particular order using more advanced logic than what is available within the standard Pricing Matrix. An administrator can write a price rule in VBScript to evaluate criteria from a Persons, Orders, Order Lines, or Products record in order to determine the correct price for a product.

An organization can use a Price Rule to determine all of a product's possible prices by specifying the rule in the Price Rule field on a product's Prices tab. When specified on the Prices tab, the Price Rule takes precedence over any prices specified in the Pricing Matrix. An organization can also use a Price Rule as part of a broader Pricing Matrix by specifying the rule on a Prices record. See Establishing Pricing Rules for more information on Price Rules.

About the Pricing Object Pricing Method

For organizations that employ complex pricing models that are beyond the scope of a Pricing Matrix or a Price Rule, an administrator or developer can write an organization-specific Pricing Object that overrides the other pricing options. To create a pricing object, a system administrator or developer must code the logic for the Pricing Object in Microsoft Visual Studio .NET to implement Aptify's standard IProductPrice interface. Once the object has been compiled, an administrator adds it to the Aptify Object Repository and specifies the Object, Class, and Assembly on the Product's Prices > Advanced tab.

Note that if a Pricing Object is specified at the Product Category level, this object information automatically flows down to new products added to that category.

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