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About the Product Setup and Maintenance Wizards

This topic provides an overview of the wizards associated with the Aptify Product Setup and Maintenance application and provides links to more information.

A user can launch the following wizards from a view of the Products service (from left to right):

Products Service -Wizards

  • Bulk Inventory Transfer wizard: Facilitates the process of recording the movement of inventory from one location to another. See Using the Bulk Inventory Transfer Wizard for more details.

  • Inventory Return wizard: Generates adjustment product inventory ledger entries to remove products from inventory that have been returned to the vendor. See Returning Goods to Vendors for more details.

  • New Product Version wizard: When a new version of an existing product becomes available, you can use this wizard to quickly create a Products record for the new version that is linked to the earlier version. See Creating New Product Versions for more details.


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