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Understanding Price Selection Behavior

Each configured price has a defined set of criteria that identifies the circumstances under which an order can qualify for that price (for example, a price may be based on the Bill To party's Customer Type, the order date, or the quantity ordered). When a user adds a product to an order, Aptify compares the order's characteristics against the filtering criteria of each product price. Then, it automatically selects the best possible price from the set of available prices.

Aptify's price selection behavior uses the following guidelines to select a product's price on the order:

  • When a product is added to an order line, Aptify compares the characteristics of the order (including the characteristics of the Ship To/Bill To parties), against the criteria specified in the Products record's Prices tab (This could be a Pricing Object, Price Rule, or Pricing Matrix, depending on how the product's prices have been defined.) When the system finds a match, it adds that price to the order line.

  • If a Pricing Object is defined at the Products record, Aptify uses the price selection logic defined in that object. It ignores any Price Rule or Pricing Matrix that may also exist in the Products record. See Specifying a Pricing Object for information on Pricing Objects.

  • If a Price Rule is defined at the Products level and a Pricing Object is not defined, Aptify uses the price selection logic defined by the rule. It ignores any Pricing Matrix that may also exist in the Products record unless the rule defaults to the matrix for orders that do not match its criteria. See Establishing Pricing Rules for more information on Price Rules.

  • If neither a Pricing Object nor a Price Rule is defined at the Products level, Aptify uses the Pricing Matrix to determine a product's price.

  • If using a Pricing Matrix, you should typically define one default price per Currency Type. If the system is unable to match an order against any other Prices record in that currency, it falls back to the Default price.

    • Note that if you do not select a default price for a particular currency, the Order Entry system defaults to the highest available price for that order line based on the order's Currency Type. If there are no prices defined for the product in that currency, then the system adds the product to an order with the price of zero (a warning message may display in this case based on your system's configuration).

    • Also, if a Pricing Matrix includes quantity-based pricing that meets the same criteria as the default price, then Aptify will use the quantity-based pricing as applicable when adding the product to an order that does not yet have Ship To and Bill To information specified. This can be useful in the Aptify e-Business environment to display quantity-based pricing for a product before a web user logs into an e-Business site.

  • If an order line qualifies for more than one price, Aptify selects the lower of the two prices.

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