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Understanding Order Credit

By default, Aptify performs a check of available credit as described in this section. However, an organization can turn off this functionality if desired. See the discussion of the EnableCreditCheck attribute in About Orders Entity Attributes for details.

A Bill To party that has sufficient approved credit can place orders without providing payment in full at the time the order is taken. However, the Bill To party must have a Credit Status of Approved and a Credit Limit equal to or greater than the order balance in order to place an order on account to be paid at a future date. Also, if the Bill To party has any existing open balances, these balances are deducted from the Credit Limit (so the order balance must be less than the credit limit minus any outstanding balances currently on account). Note that if an order with an outstanding balance is cancelled, Aptify applies that order's amount back to the Bill To party's available credit.

For credit purposes, the Bill To party is the order's Bill To company; if a Bill To company is not specified, the Bill To party is the Bill To person.

The Credit Status and Credit Limit fields are found on a Persons and Companies records' Details tab. See Updating the Credit Status for a Person for information on how to review and modify a person's credit information. See Updating Company Credit Status for information on how to review and modify a company's credit information.

Note that a person's or company's Credit Limit is expressed in a particular currency. If the person or company is involved in foreign currency transactions not in that currency, then Aptify automatically converts the available credit limit to its corresponding value in the foreign currency (using the most current Currency Spot Rate) to ensure that the person or company has sufficient available credit to complete a particular transaction.

Person's Credit Information

If you attempt to save an order without full payment for a Bill To party that does not have an approved credit status, Aptify displays an error message similar to what is shown below:

If you attempt to save an order without full payment for a Bill To party that does not have sufficient available credit, Aptify displays an error message that reports the Bill To party's total credit limit and the outstanding balance.

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