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Using the Invoice Consolidation Wizard

Invoice Consolidation wizard automatically applies credit memos (that is, orders with credit balances, typically from cancellation) to invoices with open or outstanding balances. It ensures that when using an order credit to pay off a balance, both the credit and balance are adjusted appropriately and automatically in the system.

Note that the Invoice Consolidation wizard does not control which Credit Memos are automatically matched with outstanding balances, it only allocated dollar amounts. To control how credit orders and balances match up, you can manually create payments that use specific credit memos to pay specific balances. Also, the wizard can only apply a credit memo to an order that is in the same currency. To apply a credit memo in one currency to an order in another currency, follow the procedure described in Recording a Payment in a Different Currency than the Order.

The following steps describe how to use the Invoice Consolidation wizard, broken down by interface.

Support for running the Invoice Consolidation wizard in the web interface is added in Aptify 5.5.5.

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