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Using the Bulk Write-Off Wizard

The Bulk Write-Off wizard automatically writes off invoices with open or outstanding balances and is initiated from an Orders view. It ensures that when using a bad debt Payment Type to write-off a balance, the balance is adjusted appropriately and automatically in the system. The wizard also adds a comment to the bad debt payment including the date on which the amount was written off for audit purposes.

Note to Administrators

This wizard uses the default Bad Debt Write-Off payment type to generate write-off payments. However, an administrator can change the write-off payment type used by the wizard by modifying the Payments entity's BulkWriteOffDefaultPayment attribute. See About Payments Entity Attributes for more information.

Follow these steps to use the Bulk Write-Off wizard, broken down by interface:

Support for running the Bulk Write-Off wizard in the web interface is added in Aptify 5.5.5.

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