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Opening the Visual Designer

This section describes how to open the Visual Designer and place a record in design mode. Note that once a record is in design mode, you cannot access any other record in the system until you close the Visual Designer. Also, keep in mind that the Visual Designer is only applicable for Tab Templates (that is, Form Template records that have a number of Form Template Parts that define the fields on a form).

An administrator can open the Visual Designer from one of two locations:

  • By right-clicking at the bottom of a form and selecting Design In Place from the pop-up menu. The Visual Designer toolbars open automatically.
    • Note that this menu is only available for system administrators  

      Design In Place
  • By clicking the Visual Designer tab on a Form Template record that defines a tab's fields and layout.
    • From a form, you can right-click in the bottom section of a tab and select Open Form Template... to open the Form Templates record that corresponds to that form's currently selected tab.
    • The Visual Designer tab on a Form Templates record is only available for system administrators.

       Visual Designer Tab

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