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About GL Accounts and Products

The links to the GL Accounts service in the Products service are similar to those in the Product Categories service, yet at the product level they have more functionality. At the product level, general ledger (GL) accounts define how the Orders and Payments services generate entries to the Sales and Cash Receipts journal.

The Products service allows GL accounts to be specified on a per product basis. Initially, new Products records default with the GL accounts set up for their product category, but these may be overridden at the product level by adding additional GL accounts or removing existing GL accounts.

For example, the most basic sale of a simple product only requires a sales GL account. However, there are several additional accounts that may be specified for each product. Which GL accounts are added depend on both the product and the organization's unique accounting business requirements.

For more information on how to link GL accounts to Products records, see Adding GL Accounts to the Product Category.

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