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Using the Web Interface Quick Search

The Quick Search in the Aptify web interface is available on the main toolbar of the application (shown in the example below). It allows the users to search across multiple services to provide improved flexibility and better results. 

Some of the functionalities included in the Quick Search are listed below:

  • Quick Search highlights matched terms and display the information in Cards rather than a list form
  • Search results are grouped by entity
  • Selecting a result will launch that record or item, this includes launching a record or a view
  • Quick Search is configurable, enabling a user to specify the services that are included in the search
  • The search results can also be narrowed by specific service and include searching capabilities for both records, views, wizards, and attachments.

Basic Functionality

The Quick Search provides a powerful tool allowing users to look for data throughout the entire application. Individual Applications and Services may include their own built-in Search feature, similar to the Aptify Desktop client configuration, but these search tools are in addition to the Quick Search. Quick Search is always located at the top of the Aptify browsing window, regardless of what applications or services you are using. 


The methods for using the Quick Search are described in the following topics:



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