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Launching Aptify

This topic describes how to launch Aptify, broken down by interface:

  1. Web Interface
  2. Desktop Client

Web Interface

Follow these steps to log in to Aptify using the web interface:

Need to Clear Cache For Initial Access to New Versions

If your organization is already using Aptify Web and you have accessed the web interface through their current browser, you will receive a dialog to clear the cache when you browse the Aptify Web 6.0 for the first time. Click OK on the dialog and refer to your browser help site to clear the cache of your browser and reload the latest version.

  1. Launch your web browser (the example below uses Google Chrome).
  2. Enter the URL for your Aptify system. Contact your administrator if you do not know the address.
  3. When prompted, select the appropriate authentication method and click OK:
    • Domain: Used for Windows-based authentication.
    • Untrusted: Used for SQL-based authentication.
      Aptify 6.0 Authentication Method

  4. If you selected Domain, enter your Windows domain username and password.

    Domain Login


    In Aptify, you are not required to enter the domain name as part of your username.

    It is highly recommended that the user account used for the SOA layer is not used to log into the Aptify web server. If the SOA layer user account is used to log into the web server, you may need to reset Microsoft IIS to restore features such as reporting.

  5. If you selected Untrusted, enter your SQL username and password.

    Untrusted Login
  6. Click Login to connect to Aptify and load your profile.


    You can expand Google Chrome to fill your entire screen by pressing F11

    Note Concerning Incorrect Logins

    When you attempt to login into the Aptify web interface with your credentials, either trusted (Windows domain) or non-trusted (SQL users), if there is a problem with the password, an error is displayed. For example, if the password is expired, the account locked, or the account disabled, the appropriate message will display informing you of the issue.

    Note: If you have problems logging in, the message instructs you to contact their system administrator. In future releases of the Aptify web interfaces, you will have the ability to reset their own passwords.

Desktop Client

Follow these steps to launch the Aptify Windows Desktop client:

You need a user account before you can connect to the Aptify database. Contact your administrator for assistance. 

Administrators: See Creating User Accounts for information on creating user accounts.

  1. Locate and double-click the Aptify shortcut icon on the Windows desktop or select Aptify from the Windows Start menu.
    Aptify Shortcut Icon
    • The Aptify Login dialog appears.

    Login Dialog

  2. Enter the name of the Aptify server in the Server field. 
    • Click the ellipsis (...) button to load the Aptify Server List Dialog to select from a list of available servers.
    • Some users may encounter a different login screen initially, note that your administrator configures these settings for you. See Modifying User Login Preferences for details.

      Aptify Server List Dialog
  3. Select a Database Login method.
    • If you are logging in as a trusted user based on Windows credentials, select Use Windows Integrated Security.
    • If you are logging in as an untrusted user using SQL server security, select Specify a User Name and Password.

  4. If you selected Specify a User Name and Password, enter a User Name and Password in the field provided.
    • If the user has a blank password, select the Blank Password box.
    • These fields are grayed out if you selected Use Windows Integrated Security.

  5. Click OK to login.

    If there is a difference between the user's local date format and the date format of the user's Aptify account, a dialog will display warning the user of the difference. If you are unsure if you should continue loading Aptify, click Cancel and contact your system administrator. Otherwise, click OK to continue loading Aptify.

    Your administrator can modify the login settings so your login dialog may differ from what is shown in the figure. For example, one or more fields may not appear on your dialog or they may be automated populated. Or, depending on your configuration, the dialog may not appear at all. Contact your system administrator for assistance if you cannot log in to Aptify.

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