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Creating Surveys

The Surveys application adds 15 services to Aptify (see About the Survey Management Services for the list of Services). Starting with Aptify 5.5.3, the ability to create and edit surveys using a wizard and panel view is available in the Aptify web interface. In the Aptify Desktop client, the Surveys Administration Dashboard is used to create and edit surveys.

While a survey developer can add and modify records directly within each service to create a survey, this procedure is not necessarily intuitive. Therefore, Aptify recommends that survey developers use the available Survey Management tools to manage surveys, either the New Survey Wizard and the Panel view in the Aptify web interface, or the Survey Administration dashboard in the Aptify Desktop client.

The following topics describe how to create a survey:

Before You Begin

Review the following items before you attempt to create your a survey, broken down by management tool:

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