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Install Methods for e-Business

The database server must have the appropriate version of Aptify installed prior to installing e-Business. See e-Business Server Requirements for a table that identifies which Aptify release is required for a particular e-Business release. The installer checks the database's version, and you will be unable to proceed with the installation unless Aptify meets this requirement.

Note that for e-Business 5.5.2, the recommended installation path is on Aptify 5.5.2, and this document assumes you are installing e-Business 5.5.2 on Aptify 5.5.2 or later. If installing e-Business 5.5.2 on Aptify 5.5.1, contact Aptify Technical Support for additional instructions.

e-Business ships with two installation packages: a full setup program for new installations and an upgrade package for existing e-Business installations. The install method you choose will be based on whether you have an e-Business site already, and if so, whether you want to upgrade or re-implement your existing site. This topic provides the information you need to make a proper decision.

Starting in e-Business 5.5.1, a repository object is included in the EWA package that indicates that e-Business is installed and enables users to make an easier determination about their version of Aptify. This text file includes the version number in the name. The current text files for e-Business are as follows:

  • eBusiness553Installed.txt
  • eBusiness552Installed.txt
  • eBusiness551Installed.txt

New Installations

If you are installing e-Business for the first time to support a new implementation, you will need to use the full setup method. The e-Business setup for your release contains the full e-Business database structure, so you do not need to have an earlier version of e-Business installed. The setup will guide you through where you want e-Business installed, setup options, optional sample site installation, and configuration of Microsoft IIS.

Do not enable the attribute for automatic downloads from the Object Repository on the web server. Downloads from the Object Repository will causes the site to recompile.

When installing e-Business 5.5.1 and up, if you already have e-Business schema on the Aptify database, you would use the Upgrader to apply the latest e-Business schema to that server. However, you can still use the full setup program to install new instances of one or both of the sample sites (without applying server updates).

Upgrade Installation

e-Business is essentially a website. Aptify provides a set of user controls that integrates the Aptify database with your website. If you have an existing e-Business install, it's likely that you've made changes to the original product installation to support the "look and feel" and functionality required to support your business. As with any website, changes made to the user controls and their source code make it impossible to retrofit the older code during the upgrade process, so upgrading will typically involve manual porting the changes to your site.

The practical implication of upgrading between major releases and service packs is also a factor. e-Business 5.0 was the first release that encapsulated and distributed the Aptify logic in .NET user controls, versus previous versions of e-Business that were classic .NET websites with the logic embedded directly in web pages.

The common upgrade scenarios are described below, broken down by release.

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