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Defining the Default State of Ribbon Bar

Aptify generates a User Values record to store a user's StockRibbonMinimized preference. This record defines whether a user's ribbon bar is minimized or maximized. This record is generated when a new user is created or when an existing user logs into Aptify for the first time (after the service pack is installed). By default, the preference is set to FALSE, and the ribbon is displayed at full size. For new users, an administrator can modify this default setting by using role-based profiles to control the default state of the Aptify Ribbon for new users. If the profile user's preference is set to minimize the ribbon (StockRibbonMinimized value is set to TRUE), the new user would adopt the same preference when the profile is copied. See About the User Values Form for more information.

Although an administrator can determine the default state of a ribbon, a user can still control the ribbon's behavior using the ribbon's context menu (Note that this functionality works for both the stock Ribbon Bar provided by Aptify or organization-specific ribbons created by an administrator.




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