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Configuring the Basic GE CRUD End Point

This document describes the configuration necessary for the end point to be called. Aptify provides a basic REST end point that is capable of CRUD actions on the GE.  It is not enabled by default on any Service Application record.  To add it, perform the following actions.

  1. Determine the name of your Service Application. Typically, this is ‘HTML5 Web’ for Aptify Web’s AptifyServicesAPI site, and ‘eBusiness’ for the eBusiness SOA site. You can confirm your application name by looking at your web.config appSetting value for the key ‘Aptify.Services.General.ApplicationName’
  2. In Aptify navigate to Web Services->Service Applications and open the record for the correct application determined in step 1.
  3. Open one of the records on the Controller Collection tab for edit.
  4. Add a new subtype to the Controller Configuration record for each end point you want to stand up.
  5. Save and close the record, restart your service application in IIS, and call the end point. The first call to a service application after adding a new end point may error due to how IIS and the Aptify startup routine interact, but it should work immediately afterwards.  If you are still unable to call the end point, check the Troubleshooting Endpoints document for more detail. 

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