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Modifying Data In Aptify

Many applications and integrations will need to push information into Aptify.  Creating, updating and deleting records are the most common operations, and these operations can be performed directly with the BasicEntityCreateUpdateDelete Record endpoint.  When Entity records are created or updated, additional logic can be executed in the Aptify Business Layer through Events or code plug-ins.  Often complicated business processes can be triggered with very few inputs.  To address this in Aptify applications, staging Entities can be built to store the inputs and then the business process is triggered when the staging Entity record is stored. 

Aptify also provides the ability to define Process Flows that provide direct access to Aptify’s business layer API and those Process Flows can be exposed as Service Process Flows that can be executed via Aptify SOA. 

This section covers these topics on how to modify data in Aptify:

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