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Managing Product Pricing Settings

On the Prices >Settings tab of a Products record, a number of additional fields determine how a price functions in the order entry process. For instance, selecting certain options on the Prices tab can limit the price overrides a service representative can offer to a customer or can indicate a minimum number of units that must be sold per order. The Price Override and Allow Free options are only functional at the product level if the Employees or Organizations records do not specify order entry permissions.

Price Settings

This topic contains the following sub-topics:

Defining a Cancellation Fee

If a cancellation fee should be applied upon canceling the specific product, define a cancellation fee in the Cancellation Fee Product field. When an order is canceled that contains the specified product (either manually or through the Order Cancellation Wizard), the cancellation fee product and the amount of the fee is added automatically to the cancellation order as a separate order line.
See Setting Up a Cancellation Fee on a Per Product Basis for more details.

Setting a Minimum Price

If a product cannot be sold for less than a specific amount, define a minimum price in the Min Price field. The minimum price restricts the order entry person from overriding the price below the number entered in the Min Price field. Note that the value in the Min Price field is expressed in terms of the functional currency of the Organization specified on the product's Details tab.
For orders in a foreign currency, the system converts the minimum price to the applicable foreign currency using the most recent Currency Spot Rate between the foreign currency and the organization's functional currency.

Setting a Minimum Selling Unit

The Min. Selling Units field defines the minimum number of units that must be sold for this product on each order line. The number entered here restricts the order taker from trying to sell a quantity of the product that is below the minimum selling unit.

Allowing Free Pricing Regardless of Minimum Price Constraint

The Allow Free option allows the product to be sold at no cost even if a user has specified a minimum price for the product. When enabled, a user can enter 0 as the price on the order line.

Allowing Price Overrides

To allow a price to be overridden during the order entry process, select the Allow Price Override option. By default, this option is cleared. This option allows an order entry person to manually change the price of a product to any amount equal to or greater than the amount listed in the Minimum Price field during the order entry process. Deselecting this option prevents the order entry person from attempting to override the price of a particular product.

Allowing Price Selection

The Allow Price Selection option is selected by default. This option allows an order taker to select from a list of available prices already defined for the product.

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