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Managing Discontinued Products

When a product has reached the end of its life cycle, an organization typically sells any remaining inventory for that product but does not allow backorders (since no additional units are expected) and does not return the units to stock if an order is canceled.

The following provides an overview of a process an organization can use to manage discontinued products in Aptify:

  1. Open the Products record for the product that is being discontinued and clear the he Allow Backorders option (found on the Inventory > General tab).
    • Typically, an organization sells the remaining units in stock of a discontinued product but does not want to create any backorders for the product since no new stock is expected.

      Clear the Allow Backorders Option
  2. Typically, an order for a discontinued product represents a final sale. However, if a cancellation for an order with a discontinued product is processed, an organization may not want to return the units to stock for resale. In this case, follow these steps to prevent units from being returned to stock:
    1. Use the Order Cancellation wizard to create a cancellation order for the order. See Using the Order Cancellation Wizard for details. Do not ship the cancellation order.
    2. Open the cancellation order, if not already opened, and identify the order line whose items are not to be returned to stock.
    3. Double-click the order line to open the Order Lines form.
    4. Select the Not Returned to Stock option (on the General tab) and click OK.

      Not Returned to Stock Option
    5. Change the Order Status to Shipped and save the cancellation order.
    6. Once inventory for the product has been depleted, open the Products record and clear the Currently Sold option (on the General tab).
    7. No additional orders can be placed for this product.
    8. Alternatively, you can also make a product unavailable for additional orders by specifying an Available Until date that is prior to the current date.

Item No Longer Available for Sale

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