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Controlling Product Availability

To control whether a product is available in the Aptify Order Entry system, the following options on the General tab must be selected:

  • Top Level Item: When selected, this option specifies that the product can be sold in the order entry system by itself. If the product is part of another product and not sold individually, this option should not be selected.
  • Currently Sold: This option indicates that the product is currently available to be sold in the order entry system.

Top Level and Currently Sold check boxes

By default, the Top Level Item and Currently Sold options are selected on a new Products record. 

The Currently Sold option can be further defined to indicate that the product is only sold for a period of time. For instance, if the product is only to be offered during a particular month, the product can be set up in advanced with a defined date range for when it is available. This is done on the Details > General tab of the Products record by specifying Available On and Available Until dates.

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