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Assigning Booths to Customers

Booths are assigned to customers through the Orders service. When a customer orders the expo product, they can either reserve the booths during the order entry process, or specify booth reservation at a later date. This flexibility in assigning booths allows the organization to make expo products available to customers even before floorplans are finalized.


The booth information on an existing order for an Expo product may only be updated in the following instances:

  • If the status of the Orders record has not been set to Shipped. In this case, a user can modify the both assignment and Expo order line as necessary.
  • If the order has been shipped, then a user can only modify the Expo order line and its booth assignment to the extent that changes do not impact the order line total

Follow these steps to assign a booth to a customer:

  1. Open a new record from the Orders service.

  2. Enter Ship To and Bill To information on the Customer tab.
    • This topic provides only an overview of the order entry process. It is intended to focus on how ordering an Expo product differs from ordering a basic product. See the Entering Customer and Order Information for complete information on how to specify customer information on an order.

  3. In the Lines area of the Orders form, enter the expo in the Find Product field.

  4. In the Quantity field enter 1.
    • For Expo products, the quantity field refers to the number of units that corresponds to the assigned booth. When adding an order line for an Expo product, enter 1 as the quantity. If the customer selects a booth whose number of units is greater than 1, then Aptify automatically updates the order line to reflect the correct number of units.
    • Expo pricing is calculated per unit. See Pricing Expos for details.

  5. Click Add to add an order line to the form.

    Order for Expo Product
  6. Double-click in the far left column of the order line to open its Order Lines record.
  7. Click the Expos tab.
  8. On the General sub-tab, the Ship To company from the Order appears in the Exhibitor field and the Ship To person appears in the Contact field. Modify this information if necessary.
  9. If the booth has a second contact person, enter the name in the Secondary Contact field.
  10. Enter the Application Date and the exhibitor's anticipated Arrival Date.
  11. Enter the registration number and the phone number for the booth, if applicable. 

    Expo Order Lines Form
  12. Click the Booths sub-tab and select the appropriate floorplan from the list. Floorplans available in this list are associated with the expo selected.
    • Note that you can only assign a booth for a floorplan that has a current floorplan status that allows booth assignment. See About the Default Floorplan Statuses for more information.

  13. In the Booth field, select a booth for the customer.
    • If you need to modify a booth size to meet this customer's needs, click the Configure... button to launch the Booth Combination wizard to combine or break apart booths as needed.

    If ordering a booth that is linked to a Floorplan System (like ExpoCAD), do not use the Configure button to modify the booth's layout. All booth layout should occur within the third-party Floorplan System. See Linking a Floorplan to EXPOCAD Desktop for details.


    • If the number of units for the selected booth is more than one, a message displays asking whether to adjust the quantity. Click Yes to adjust the quantity. Selecting No allows the user to choose another booth number.

    Booth with More than 1 Unit

    • Likewise, if the booth has an associated surcharge, Aptify automatically displays a message stating that this surcharge will be added to the product's extended price. Click Yes to access the surcharge.

    Surcharge Message

  14. Modify the name of the booth in the Booth Name field, if necessary.

    Expo Order Line's Booths Tab
  15. Finish entering other data, if applicable. For example, use Booth Options to select whether the booth needs utilities such as electricity or water.

    A user does not need to specify a booth when creating an Expo order. A booth assignment can be specified later if unknown at the time the order is created. Note that once an order has shipped, the price of a selected booth must equal the order line's extended price in order to select that booth. A user can make any changes to the booth selection or Expo order if an order is not shipped. 

  16. If this exhibitor is sharing the booth with other companies, specify these other companies on the Co-Exhibitors sub-tab.

  17. If this exhibitor intends to sell or market products at the booth, you can track information about these products on the Products sub-tab.
  18. Enter any additional information about the booth assignment on the Comments sub-tab.

  19. Specify any additional information on the other tabs of the Order Lines form.
    • See Specifying Order Line Details for information on the Order Lines form and the configuration options that are common to all products. This section only describes the configuration options that are specific to expos.

  20. Click OK to save and close the Order Lines form.

  21. Continue processing the order as necessary.
    • See Taking Orders for details.
    • Until the order is shipped, a user can modify the booth assignment and Expo order line as needed.

  22. Ship the order.
    • See Shipping Orders and Placing Back Orders for details.
    • Aptify automatically updates the Booths record to indicate that it is occupied once the order has shipped.
    • Once an order has been Shipped, a user can only modify the Expo order line and its booth assignment to the extent that changes do not impact the order line total.
    • If Priority Points are configured, Aptify automatically calculates the priority points earned for each order line on that order for an Expo product (using the Priority Point settings from the Expos record). See Configuring an Expo to Calculate Priority Points for more details.

Occupied Booth

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